Luxury summer boating.

Day Cruiser

With us, it's not the destination, it's the voyage. That is why we designed a pioneering hull structure that makes driving and travel more comfortable than ever, whatever the conditions. At the same time, we introduced the largest and most practical open deck spaces in their class. Your task is to focus on enjoying yourself.

Simple is beautiful. Not to mention practical.

The Scandinavian design of the Flipper model range is entirely distinctive and not just skin-deep. The sleek hull, downward-sloping bow shape and polished details give the finishing touches to the essential: a boat designed according to a new way of thinking and made for enjoyment on the water. Careful finishing and the most durable and tested accessories guarantee unforgettable experiences – together or alone.

Smarter space.

The Flippers revolutionise the functionality of deck space. We studied how different people use their boats and what makes a voyage easy and enjoyable for everyone, right from the pier. We not only increased the amount of space, but also focused on making moving on board easy and practical. In a Flipper, the little things work and everything is to hand.

Concentrate on your enjoyment.

The Flipper's bottom structure is one of a kind. A new girder design vacuum-attached to the hull and a gradually sloping V-bottom combine comfort and performance. Flipper boats have excellent handling characteristics at all speeds and are designed for precise and safe driving. The new hull design also gives the boats the widest power scale on the market.

High performance, low noise.

The Flipper is quiet by design. So quiet that you can have a pleasant conversation or enjoy the sounds of nature even while accelerating or driving at high speed. The hull shape is designed to lift the boat evenly to plane on top of the waves. Planing reduces the power required in heavy seas. This makes driving more economical and ecological.

Light and space.

The Flipper’s cabin is now more comfortable and its more spacious living quarters easily convert into a two-metre bed. Natural sunlight floods in from exceptionally large portholes on the bow deck and hull. The boat's interior features a large mirror and wardrobe, and a pull-out toilet is available as an accessory. The DC range is perfect for intimate weekend getaways.

Details that simply work.

The Flipper has many smart details that make boating easier than ever. The two-part canopy folds inside the aft bench, which leaves more open deck space and provides easy passage to the swimming platforms. The canopy opens from the back and sides, turning the open deck space into a comfortable patio even in the rain. Fenders have their own storage places on the sides, right where they are needed. Flippers are designed for maximum ease of movement and loading, and you can walk through the boat from bow to stern.

State-of-the-art technology.

Our partnership with Mercury provides Flippers with affordable, state-of-the-art engine technology as standard equipment. The advanced engines guarantee sporty handling and ease of maintenance. The boat simply jumps at the throttle, with excellent acceleration at all speeds. And as the engine only gives a soft purr when achieving all this, everyone will have a better time on board.

Designed by Espen Thorup,
made in Finland.

Well planned is half done. And more. The new Flipper boats combine Norwegian boat designer Espen Thorup's design touch with Raimo Sonninen's decades of experience in boat design and construction. Flipper boats are manufactured by hand in Finland.

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Flipper 650 DC

More than meets the eye
Do not let the compact dimensions and low fuel consumption fool you – Flipper 650 DC is a full-blooded day cruiser to the bone, equipped with all the modern conveniences. A spacious design combined with excellent manoeuvrability and modern, Scandinavian structure offer just the right touches of character, style and sporty approach.

Detailed specifications

Flipper 700 DC

Driving pleasure at its purest
A perfect combination of Nordic style and performance – Flipper 700 DC knows how even bigger groups can enjoy boating. Whether it is about going out on a day cruise, on a weekend family getaway or just to the other shore for grocery shopping, there is no need to persuade anyone. The trip itself is greater experience than the actual arrival.

Detailed specifications

Flipper 800 DC

Look and feel, size and power
This premium day cruiser is agile and reliable to operate even at a faster pace, just as you might expect from a genuine quality boat. A spacious seating area provides comfortable ride even for a larger group, while wide berths turn Flipper 800 smoothly into a great travel boat. Sturdy steps to bow deck add safety to access and exit.

Detailed specifications