Practical convenience

Sport Console

Flipper presents a collection of boats featuring an advanced hull design coupled with the practical functionality of a console boat, elevating your open boat experience to an entirely new level. The Flipper SC collection is a great choice when you are looking for both versatility and driving comfort in a boat.

Details you will appreciate

Flipper Sport Console boats bring unprecedented quality to the small open boat class. Every detail has been thoroughly considered, and we only use the best and most durable materials in all our boats. This manufacturing ideology is a natural extension of our love of boating and respect for the seas. With the Flipper SC collection, you can focus on the business at hand without distractions while appreciating the appealing details that make your boating experience so effortless.

Ample space and safety.

The Flipper models featuring a Sport Console are extremely sturdy. The open layout, together with lots of storage space, offers an unmatched practical experience. Their versatility, adaptability and many functional details enhance your boating experience, allowing you to fully concentrate on and enjoy your maritime hobbies without compromising your safety.

Tested in extreme

The Flipper collection has been thoroughly tested in extreme conditions to ensure its safety. The impeccable material quality and technical specifications have been perfected for Nordic conditions, with an uncompromising sense of what a quality boating experience should be. At Flipper, our aim is to build the best boating experience, because nothing less than perfect will do.

Designed by Espen Thorup,
made in Finland.

Well planned is half done. And more. The new Flipper boats combine Norwegian boat designer Espen Thorup's design touch with Raimo Sonninen's decades of experience in boat design and construction. Flipper boats are manufactured by hand in Finland.

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Flipper 600 SC

The Flipper 600 SC features the sturdy hull solution that the Flipper range of boats is famous for, and the mid-hull pulpit construction makes the boat an excellent choice for both leisurely activities and serious fishing. Due to its practical and spacious layout, the Flipper 600 SC is a good choice for day trips or for use as a tender or fishing boat. The boat offers a practical power range for comfortable and quiet operation. In true Flipper fashion, it will plane in a continuous manner as more power is applied. According to Venemestari magazine’s test (issue 10/2014), the Flipper 600 SC is “a hot experience.”

Detailed specifications

Flipper 640 SC

The Flipper 640 SC features a practical mid-hull pulpit construction and has space for seven passengers. The boat is great choice for day trips, leisure boating, and for fishing enthusiasts. Among the unique features of the Flipper 640 SC are its practical, large storage compartments, and the wide pulpit which, together with a windscreen that bends around the skipper, offers excellent protection from the elements. An optional Sprayhood cover is a great addition that allows you to extend the boating season well into the autumn.

Detailed specifications