The renaissance of the boat trip.

Sport Top

Like to spend a nice weekend on the water? The Sport Top range is your choice. The model range shares the advanced bottom structure of the Flipper, providing a sporty and comfortable handling experience and more space on board. The all-new sliding roof lets you enjoy sunny days and rougher conditions alike. The Flipper ST is an all-weather leisure boat.

A distinctive combination.

When designing our new boat model range, we hit on something so special, it grew into a new class of boat – the Sport Top. The Sport Top is an unprecedented combination of fast-paced afternoon boating and traditional boat tripping. Our new perspective and comprehensive design work has reaped awards, and the 640 ST was nominated the Shuttle and Picnic Boat of the Year at the Helsinki International Boat Show 2013. Award-winning quality is now available in three different size categories. Step on board the boat trip of the future.

Scandinavian design.

Flippers are novel and distinctive on the inside as well. To us, appearance and function go hand in hand. The sleek hull and downward-sloping bow shape tempt you to just drive and enjoy the waves. Our love of boating is also reflected in the quality and functionality of every last detail. Another consideration we consider essential is the careful choice of high-quality and durable accessories for guaranteeing carefree and memorable times on the water.

Finely tuned use of space.

In a Flipper, functionality and use of space have been designed from an entirely novel angle. We think that a boat requires plenty of seating space for socialising, and that people should be able to move around easily when the boat is moving. The windshield is pushed as far forward as possible, creating a spacious area at the stern of the boat. The sofa suites can be converted into comfortable beds or sun-bathing mattresses at the snap of a finger. The boat is designed for maximum ease of movement and loading, and you can walk through it from bow to stern.

Safe journeys.

The Flipper features a new girder design vacuum-attached to the hull and a gradually sloping V-bottom, which combine to make the boat even sturdier and easier to manage at different speeds. It will glide smoothly through rough seas, allowing you to maintain precise control. The side windows of the ST series extend far back to protect you from spray and make the space roomier. Your whole family can travel in comfort.

Enjoy nature and
good company.

Since we consider the voyage more important than the destination, the Flipper has been designed to be quieter than ever. The sturdy and well-designed hull effectively dampens the sound of waves. In rough seas, the boat will rise easily to plane on top of the waves and use less power. This makes boating more economical and ecological. So enjoy nature and your voyage in comfort, from the moment you set sail.

Uncompromising quality
and functionality.

The Flipper has many smart details that make boating easier than ever. The two-part canopy folds inside the aft bench, which leaves more open deck space and provides easy passage to the swimming platforms. The canopy opens from the back and sides, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and the sounds of nature while sheltered from the rain. All accessories and materials have been selected with care, to withstand the demanding Northern climate.


Our partnership with Mercury provides Flippers with affordable, state-of-the-art engine technology as standard equipment. The advanced engines guarantee sporty handling and ease of maintenance. The boat simply jumps at the throttle, with excellent acceleration at all speeds. And as the engine only gives a soft purr when achieving all this, the whole company will have a better time on board.

Designed by Espen Thorup,
made in Finland.

Well planned is half done. And more. The new Flipper boats combine Norwegian boat designer Espen Thorup's design touch with Raimo Sonninen's decades of experience in boat design and construction. Flipper boats are manufactured by hand in Finland.

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Flipper 600 ST

Flipper 600 ST, also nominated as Motor Boat of the Show – Shuttle and Picnic Boats at the VENE14BÅT fair, offers highly enjoyable boating experiences at a reasonable price. The boat provides fine driving features, versatility and excellent space solutions with Nordic tastes in mind.


MotorBoat2014_ShuttleAndPicnicBoat (2)

Detailed specifications

Flipper 640 ST

The Flipper 640 ST was nominated the Shuttle and Picnic Boat of the Year at the Vene 13 Båt boating exhibition. “A modern take on the classic, traditional hardtop and perfect for a family picnic. The boat features state-of-the-art design and new, functional solutions in its use of space.”

Detailed specifications

Flipper 670 ST

A versatile family boat that is larger than its size without compromising driving pleasure. The roof structure provides shelter and extends the boating season by ensuring comfort in the most demanding conditions.

Detailed specifications

Flipper 880 ST

The Flipper 880 ST will take larger families or groups on unforgettable trips. The boat combines a luxurious amount of space and power with the agile handling characteristics of a racer. The wholly folding roof and large panorama windows tempt you to take to the water and enjoy the sun and waves.

Detailed specifications